Mouse Without Borders – Control 2PCs with 1 Mouse & Keyboard

Nov 7, 2022 | Tech Tips

Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders Overview

Recently my productivity went up because I found a very nice software that lets you control 2 PCs with just 1 Mouse and 1 Keyboard.

My 2 screen web design computer doesn’t have email set up on it so it works at tip-top speed and no chance of accidentally opening some spammy hacky email.

Now I just move the mouse to the other computer screen and I can access my email and operate the other computer using the same mouse and keyboard. I just love it. It’s like having a 3-screen computer!

But that’s not all because you can drag files and copy and paste too. Plus there’s no need to set up file sharing or shared folders – it just works.

You can download Mouse Without Borders from the Microsoft Garage Team.

What Can Mouse Without Borders do?

You can set up your screens horizontally side by side or stack them vertically.

As mentioned you can drag files between the two computers. The software creates a desktop folder and opens the folder on transfer.

You can copy and paste files, images and text. It doesn’t apply to multiple files but you could zip files as a workaround.

There is a shortcut tab Options where you can find out how to perform various tasks and importantly reconnect the PCs if they become disconnected CTRL+ALT+R

Mouse Without Borders Settings
Mouse Without Borders Settings 2

Installing Mouse Without Borders

Download and install the program on the machine you want to be the master.  Answer NO to the first window. You will see a security code on the second window. Now install the program on the second (remote) machine and answer YES to the first window and then add the security code from the master machine. All done. Get rid of your mouse and your keyboard.

If you have a password for login into the remote machine you will need to use CTRL + ALT + R to use the keyboard to enter the password. 

Full instructions HERE

Now you can probably find something similar out there but this is Free. I have tried app like Magic Copy, Send Anywhere and Pushbullet that all look better but they don’t do what this does so easily. They allow copy and file transfer but they don’t let the mouse move between the two PC screens or allow drag and drop. Mouse Without Border is simple and quick. I love it.

Currently works up to Windows 10 and will work with up to 4 PCs.


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