Responsive Website Design

What Is Responsive Website Design?

In simple terms Responsive Website Design allows a website to dynamically resize its elements to fit the device the site is being viewed on.

A simple test – if you are looking at this page on a desktop computer, try making the browser window smaller and notice how images and content automatically shrink and how the number of columns will decrease until there is just one.

This allows the site to be flexible so it can be displayed on any devise and screen resolution.

Responsive Website design

Why is it important?


The numbers who use mobile devices to access the internet will outnumber those that use a desktop if it hasn’t done so already. How your website displays on mobiles will become the more important design factor. Your website must be easily visible and usable on all types of devices and browsers – Responsive Website Design make this possible. Our website designs create fluid websites that respond to the resolution of the devices they are viewed on. From large screens, to tablets and mobile devices your customers get a user-friendly experience whatever they use.

We also make sure that your website looks the same across all responsive browsers. Today people use a variety of browsers. Internet Explorer is not the runaway market leader any more. Chrome and Firefox have now overtaken Internet Explorer as the browsers of choice. As a result, it is very important that your website displays consistently across the wide range of available browsers.  We ensure your website will look the same in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and the rest.

Old browsers may not support responsive websites You will need to update your Browser to at least IE9.