Ecommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

Online Shopping Website design and development

An eCommerce website is essentially a way to conduct your business over the internet by taking money online for goods or services. Our WebShop websites will create an online shopping store and a shopping cart for you to sell these products and services. This could include physical goods or downloadable products or payment for booking services, memberships, events, classes and more.

Ecommerce Website Design by Siteshack will create a unique looking online store encourage your visitors to buy your products and services. WordPress and WooCommerce provide a highly effective solution to millions of online stores

Your website will be built with all the benefits of a Content Management System structure to control your online store. By work closely with you we can determine the best product for your budget to get you started as a online business.

Website management options are available where you can totally self manage the website, part manage the website or let us totally manage your online store. We can get you started and then you can gradually take the reins or you can jump in and drive the ship from day one.

The important thing is we can support you at any time.

Ecommerce Website Design

How can a eCommerce Website Design benefit my business?

  • Increase turnover without expansion costs. Online trading does not require extra retail outlet real estate to reach a wider geographical market.
  • Expand customer base – your customers are not just those that enter your retail outlet.
  • Extend geographical market locally, nationally, internationally.
  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Shorter lead times with faster delivery of product.
  • Lock in your customers with membership schemes, discounts, and newsletter integration.
  • Create and develop Business to Business and Business to Customer relationships that are harder for your competition to affect.
  • Easy to create discounts, bargains, bulk pricing, and  pricing alterations across your whole product range using CMS platforms.
  • You can sell to your customer 24/7
  • Your customers cut travel time, travel costs and can locate a products quickly
  • With secure integrated payment options your customers feel secure.

WebShop – the eCommerce website design solution

The most important factors in creating a eCommerce solution is that it fits your brand, your product range and reaches your potential markets. We consult with you to determine your business objectives and your product range roadmap into the future.

  • The design of the website must incorporate your brand and its look and feel. Customer should not be confused.
  • Engage your customers with your expertise and knowledge of your products.
  • Good photography is a must as well as vibrant content. Your photos should ideally be unique and not from photo libraries.
  • Blog Articles on tips and advise all help to create more content that creates confidence to customers.
  • Features like bargains for members, free shipping for members, Newsletters all encourage customer engagement and loyalty.

The way your customers engage with the website must be simple, elegant, fun and robust. The worst thing for an online customer is a shopping experience that does not offer product insight, takes forever and then fails.

Poor content and design are big reasons for eCommerce failures. Poor hosting is another. If your site takes an age to load or your payment process is long winded you are going to lose sales.

Marketing is another. Good SEO and some Pay Per Click adverting strategies can help get your online store visitors. Other marketing strategies will also be required. A great Online Shopping Website is only as good as the skills of the business owner. Bad distribution, poor quality support, and poor quality products and services will not make a successful online business. You need customers to return and tell friends and family about how great your online business is. How great the product is. How easy and efficient it was to buy online. How quick the products were delivered

SiteShack have applications to fit any size and type of Online store. We call the product WebShop and we use the best applications and CMS platform that suits your business, your product range and your business expansion plans. Let us chat with you free on any obligation and create an online business for you. Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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WebSHOP – eCommerce Online Store Solution

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