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Siteshack is a web design and SEO/SEM company in Avalon on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We run Organic SEO programs and SEM campaigns for local businesses. Our aim is to get you the right visibility in search engines that convert into sales or leads. We utilise the best SEO techniques and SEO best practices to maximise potential listing positions.

For a website to rank highly in Google Search there are many factors that need to be addressed. Technical SEO, Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO are the three primary categories of SEO that need to be worked on to get your business the maximum exposure it can. The image below is a Google Search SERP snippet. It is a listing from the Google search engine results page. It contains the Page Title the Page URL and the Page Description.

Technical SEO

To start with a website needs a certain amount of technical requirements to be able to rank well in Google searches.

Your website should at the very least:

  • Load quickly – Google likes pages that load quickly. It’s great for the visitor to not have to wait while your website loads. It’s also vital for your website because visitors won’t wait long before they give up and look elsewhere. GTMetrix is a great online tool that can give you insight into how your website is performing.
  • Your website should be structured with menus and internal links that make it easy for visitors to navigate through topics and content on your website.
  • You should use images that have names and tags. They also need to be optimised to keep the file size to the minimum required and keep your total page file size as small as possible.
  • Pages should have unique title names and unique descriptions. You need to avoid duplicate titles, descriptions and content.
  • The website should not have any internal missing links or images – broken links
  • It should mobile friendly and easily usable on a mobile device

These are probably the main issues but there are others that your website developer should have used in your website. It is surprising how many websites do not have the basic technical SEO fundamentals in place. Without these, all best efforts in Onsite and Offsite SEO have been wasted if the technical basics are not there. Before anything, we get these technical issues resolved before moving on to the next stages of optimising your website for maximum exposure.

There is no point in having great content if it takes an age to load. People will just not wait to see it. Equally, if all your content is copied from other websites and you have lots of pages with the same title or description Google is going to penalise your site in the listings. So it is very important that your site is technically correct.

You can contact us for a free technical audit. We will highlight the problem areas for you and we can provide a free quotation for getting your site into technical shape.



SEO Northern Beaches

Siteshack SEO Northern Beaches

What is Organic SEO? – Onsite SEO

Simply put Organic SEO is optimising your site content so it appears in the best possible position in Google’s free listing sections to attract site visits. Organic SEO is all to do with your content. In today’s SEO world you need quality content to rank highly.

What are Backlinks – Offsite SEO

The quality of your content is validated by the quality of the websites that link to your pages ( these are called backlinks). The more high quality and relevant sites that link to your content Google believes is a validation that your information is of interest and value. Your content, therefore, has to be relevant and topic specific. Your content can be a mixture of subject pages and blog style information. The subject matter and keyword phrases in your articles will attract the relevant visitors you need.

As part of the SEO strategy these keyword phrases need to be optimised for your business and the competition in your niche. This will result in attracting the right type of visitor. The visitor who is interested in your business and products who will then be likely to use you.


Organic SEO strategy 

SEO can be an expensive business especially if you invest time and money in attracting visits from people who are not really interested in what you are offering or are only interested in what you are not actually offering. You need to adopt an SEO strategy that consists of best practice techniques so you are not penalised by Google. The strategy needs to based on obtaining the specific visitors you need to acquire your products and services.

Being on Page 1 of a Google search page does not mean that it will bring you traffic that will buy your products, or result in a call, or a completed contact form. You need to be on Page 1 for a search that is specific and relevant to your business and products.

For example. You sell gas heaters. You write an article on “Best Heaters for Heating your home. It discusses all types of heating but nothing specific. You think that being general you will capture more visitors. This may be true. However perhaps only 30% of these visitors actually want gas – the other 70% are maybes or they actually want electric solutions. You are getting a lot of visits that are not going to convert and you will also be competing with a lot of other websites.

What happens if you added gas to the title “Gas Heaters for Heating your home” and make the article specific to your products? A higher percentage of people will be very interested because it is what they have actually searched for and what they want – Gas Heaters.

The other thing to consider is where you sell your products. If your business is in Sydney you don’t really want to freight to Perth that will incur costs you have to absorb or pass on to the customer. Either your margin or price competitiveness suffers. So what happens when we change the title again to “Gas Heaters for Heating your Sydney home”. Now we are getting people who want gas and who live in Sydney.

We may not get as many visits but we are getting visits that are likely to convert to a sale or lead. They want your products and they live in your area of Sydney. Visitors are getting what they searched for and your business is getting visits from people who fit your target group – Gas and Sydney. It is an SEO strategy for attracting people to the website that offers exactly what they are searching for and that results in high conversion strategic position.

We have also lowered the competition for our page by targeting a smaller audience. This is likely to improve our listing position so we are likely to get a higher percentage of visitors for this search.

At Siteshack our principle is to get clients the visitors that will convert and not just a higher volume of traffic. We optimise your content for the keyword phrases that attract the potential clients you need to grow your business.


Local SEO Northern Beaches

Local SEO for most companies is a far better solution than trying to compete on a national level. If it is too expensive to ship outside of your area for example. You may have a business that requires you to personally deal with customers – gardening, hair and beauty. Clearly the best thing to do is target the people from your catchment area. Be specific in your content about the area you sell in. “Keeping a Northern Beaches Garden under control” Get a local awareness of your brand.

By registering your business with Google My Business you are accessing tools that are likely to make your business and website easier to find for the people searching within your area. Google Maps are displayed on search pages that list three local businesses from the area you are searching from.  You want your business to be one of these three.

The example below illustrates searches for “floor heating” from two areas – Mona Vale and Dee Why. You will notice that these show a different company listing for each suburb. Google may also show a different organic listing order depending on where you are searching from – promoting local businesses above non-local. Modern technology allows Google to show listings to people based on their location. 

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