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Website Management can be a time consuming business and this time could be better spent on your core business needs. We understand this and so have devised various flexible management packages based on how involved you are going to be in the running of your website.

The important think to realise is that most websites fail because they are not managed properly. Websites need lots of new content, back-end maintenance, backups, software and plugin updating, deleting of redundant files and media, and basic on-site Search Engine Optimisation checks. There’s more, depending on your site complexity, and you can keep on top of it if you are disciplined. The problem is this can be difficult to achieve at times.

So you can outsource to us the tasks you don’t want to do and we’ll take care of it for you. Google Search Console is a great tool for researching issues. We can help you setup all Google Tools to help analyse your website.

Website Maintenance is a 


website management and maintenance


  • Back Up your site weekly.
  • Update any system and application software as required. If this requires payments to third party developers we will inform you so you can make a decision.
  • Back-end House keeping – ongoing checks to new image file sizes and optimise where required, deleting redundant files, cache controls, dead link checks and 301 redirects where required.


Standard MANAGEMENT Package  – The minimal package plus

  • Monthly Content Updates. You can provide your content text and images and we will create the page(s) for you.
  • Evaluation of your content for SEO and keywords.
  • Basic On-site SEO – including regular sitemap submissions, ongoing metadata checks, site optimisation of page titles, headers, internal links of existing and new content.
  • Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) page listing checks.
  • Advice on any new applications that could enhance your site
  • Reporting and consultation.


Custom Package

You tells us what website management tasks you want to outsource and we’ll give you a price. Totally flexible Website Management.

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