The New Divi WooCommerce Builder

Product Pages just the way you want them!

Elegant Themes have released their new WooCommerce solution for the DIVI Builder framework. Now WooCommerce products can look just the way you want them and you can add them to your own posts and pages. 

WooCommerce Anywhere!

16 WooCommerce Modules

With the addition of 16 WooCommerce modules you now have complete style control of WooCommerce fields. You can uniquely style each product page separately and add the modules to any page or post. Now WooCommerce is not just a post type. You can dynamically add the elements anywhere. What’s more, with the Divi Theme Builder you can create totally individual styles for different categories. Create a style for one category of products and something completely different for another. WooCommerce like never before!


You can now easily control the position, colour, size of the WooCommerce elements and each product page can be different to fully match your product and maximise conversions with exciting enticing design. Gone are the days of every product page looking the same. Freedom to fully capture the possibilities of promoting your products.


Divi Modules

Not only that but you can add Divi modules to your product page. Extra Text blocks. Extra Images. Videos, Sliders, Contact Forms – any Divi module you like.

Unique Product Page Designs with the new Divi WooCommerce solution

Build Your Own Online Store

We have a hosting plan that includes Divi and the Divi WooCommerce Builder. The package also includes super fast hosting, over 70 theme layouts to choose from, caching, security and SEO plugins.

You can build an exciting uniquely designed online store to promote your companies products.

We also can provide design services and video support if you need any help. 

  • Divi Builder and WooCommerce modules pre-Installed
    Choice of 70+ Layout(s)
  • WordPress CMS pre-Installed
    WooCommerce shopping cart plugin pre-installed
  • Cloud Hosting
    Free SSL
  • SSD high-speed drives
    Server Rewind Backups
  • SEO Plugin
    Cache Plugin
  • Database Optimise Plugin
    Security Plugin


Or let us design your online store.

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