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Northern Beaches Local Website Design 

At our core, we are driven by one main principle – increasing our clients’ online visibility to generate the local visitors they need, and ultimately turning them into loyal clients.

We take immense pride in fostering long-lasting B2B relationships, as we believe they are key to unlocking maximum positive results. As Sydney’s leading web designers, our services extend far and wide, catering to clients across Sydney and the Northern Beaches Council area. From Manly to Brookvale, Dee Why to Newport, Avalon to Mona Vale, and every suburb in between, we’ve got you covered.

But our reach doesn’t stop there. We have delighted clients in Ryde, Parramatta, Liverpool, Canberra, the Central Coast, the UK, and even as far as Dubai!

Whatever your website needs may be – whether it’s a personal project, a business endeavor, or an eCommerce venture – we’ve got the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

Siteshack Web Design Services

Web Design Agency

A new website is not just about how it looks. It should also make it easy for visitors to get to the pages you want them to see and encourage them to perform the actions you want them to complete.

Looks aren’t everything in an effective web site. They are a valuable intrinsic part of a whole online marketing strategy.

Web Site Page Design

Effective page design should include creativity, persuasive calls to action, technical performance, engaging content and targeted information. The principle is to engage the audience to investigate the site and then perform a required goal – e.g. purchase a product, contact the business, write a review, and share the content with friends……..

Content Strategy

What is content strategy? The simple explanation is creating content that produces the desired action effectively.

Content should be constructed to encourage the required call to action interaction.

There is no point writing something without a goal in mind. There are a wide range of actions that can be encouraged – lead collection, purchase, navigate to a related page, play a video, signup to a newsletter, encourage a backlink, social sharing and many many more.


We are 100% Australian owned and managed. All our designs are created in-house. We do not outsource any work. Modern responsive website technology means your website should look great on any device. We are also partners with The Web Design Company


These are the things you can control on your web site. The website’s technical performance, page load speed, content quality and structure, and all the SEO elements required to make your site and its pages’ search engines friendly and noteworthy.

Conversely, Off Page SEO is the opposite and tends to be more difficult to control. These include Backlinks, Social sharing, reviews, relevant forums and off-site post links/mentions. These can be encouraged with quality content. They work best when they are not created by you but “organically” created by others.


Using the right keyword phrases to use in your content is vital for effective on-page SEO. Your content should be relevant to the page title and the page subject.

The keyword phrases used to create the content should be relevant too With the right phrases Google and other search engines will get a better idea about your page content and rank you for the relevant phrases you use.

You can overthink this. Generally, if you know what you are talking about you will naturally include the right terms. This is simply because you are an expert on the subject and you know what you are talking about. We discuss this with you to get the right phrases that can improve your rankings.

Some phrases and keywords are highly competitive and hard to rank for. Sometimes less competitive terms are preferable especially for new businesses.

CONTENT WRITING and backlinks

Your content is the most important element of your site. It not only creates your On-Page SEO and helps visitors to find your site, but it also creates the framework for your offsite SEO and the creation of external links to your site.

Backlinks and Social Shares tell Google that your site is useful and so it will rank you higher than less “useful” sites. The quality of links to your site is how Google validates the quality of your information. It used to be the number of links that was the indicator. Now it’s who is linking to your site that is the real validation.

The links need to be relevant. If you sell shoes to Australian customers then a link from a car dealer in Florida is not really a relevant link. Too many irrelevant links would suggest that you are buying or creating links yourself. Why? Because not too many car dealers and other irrelevant links would not be interested in shoes sold to Australians.

Remember if your content is of high quality then the right people and a good number of people will link to it.

SEO Agency

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process that optimises your website,  images and pages for organic search engine visibility and search result page rankings. It has both technical and content elements and is a long-term process. It used to be a rather straightforward process but is a more complicated process nowadays. Results can take time and it can be a lot of work. Digital Marketing when used in conjunction with SEO creates more opportunities leads and conversions.

Special Offer Save $400

With any new site design, we will add Free 1 year Website Hosting,
the DIVI Builder and SEO Plugin

WordPress Web Site Design for all budgets

WordPress is the most popular website Content Management System around. It makes building websites easy and has a rich plugin developer community that adds functionality to the projects. As an open-source free platform, it makes for affordable web design.

At the moment there are two types of WordPress editing methods. There is the traditional Classic Editor for creating content and the newer Gutenberg Block editor which adds modules and a drag-and-drop interface. This is a way that WordPress is trying to match the various page builder applications that have been available for a while and have made an application that requires little if any coding experience.

One of the plusses of Gutenberg is its front editing capability that lets you edit on the page. The Classic editor only allows editing from the admin backend area of the site. This feature is again something that has been around for a while with the page builder applications that have been developed for use with WordPress by third-party developers.

Whether you use the Classic or Gutenberg editors with a WordPress theme you can create a great website. All the basic features are included to create a site that will look professional.

When we design websites we nearly always use WordPress. It’s our go-to website framework. It has practically everything all our clients require.

As WordPress Website Designers the WordPress platform is a perfect solution for websites of all sizes and available budgets.

Siteshack WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress and DIVI Website Builder

When we build a site we nearly always use the DIVI Theme Builder with WordPress unless we are asked to specifically use other builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder.

The DIVI website builder from Elegant Themes gives us the total versatility and control we need to build exciting vibrant websites. It has so many options that we are still finding things we didn’t know existed. Not many surprises now but still different ways to do things.

When we hand over a DIVI web site design we do not expect the client to know all the DIVI options available but as they acquire more website design skills over time so they get to know the full power of the DIVI Builder.

Playing here is just some of the things that DIVI can do enhancing design and make the difficult easy and fast.

We design all types of websites for all types of businesses. From blogs to corporate websites and eCommerce shopping stores are types of web design that we are highly experienced with.

You can contact us at any time for a no-obligation chat about anything you want.

Web Design Examples

Restaurant Web site Design Brighton-Le-Sands

Bait Restaurant

A website for a new restaurant in Brighton-Le-Sands. The restaurant’s cuisine is a fusion of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine

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Restaurant Website Design

Business Web site Design Dubai UAE

Uma Interiors

Uma Interiors are a design company from Dubai. They specialise in Interior Design and spatial design. Headed by Mia Debras.

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Interior Designer Website Design

Ecommerce Warriewood Web site Design


MyTap is a Northern Beaches tapware, bathware and accessory online store for all Kitchen Bathroom and Laundry needs.

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MYTAP Warriewood Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

Cabana Style Avalon Online Store

Cabana Style is an online homeware and clothing store. The website is built with WordPress, the DIVI Builder and WooCommerce.

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Siteshack Avalon Website design Cabana Style

Corporate Website Design

IScreen Digital Signage

iScreen Digital is a Northern Beaches Digital Signage Company providing software and digital signage design.

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Digital Signage Website Design Avalaon

New Websites This Month

Scott McNiven & Associates – Land Surveyors Canberra ACT

Womansong – Canberra ACT

Puraflo – Water Storage Tank – Fairy Meadow Sydney NSW

Hudson Savvy Barbers – Burwood Sydney  NSW


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