Content Management System

Content Management Systems

What is CMS?

CMS – a Content Management System allow users to create, edit, and manage content for websites. All achieved via an internet browser. A CMS interface makes it easy to control your content and manage your website without any knowledge of website coding. As a result websites are now more in the control of the end user and not the web developer.

The obvious advantage is that updating your own website does not necessarily require the professional services of a web developer. You have access to your websites control interface at any time of day and from anywhere in the world (as long has you have a internet connection available). Because the controls are accessible from a browser this also mean that you can control the website from any devise be it Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile devise.

Content Management System - WordPress

There are various CMS systems available but the most common are probably WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. At SiteShack we have used all three in our web designs and have found that there is merit for each in particular project requirements. The most popular is WordPress. You will find a lot of internet articles on the merits of these systems. There are many articles that point out the number of security hacks of each system.

A word of caution here WordPress is by far the most popular and so it has the most instances. It also is widely used by end users and they tend to use weak passwords and do not maintain the website regularly. All of these systems are secure if they are managed properly. The most common reason for a website security breach is out of date software. If you do not update your website you run security risk. As we custom build all our websites we like to go through a consultative process so we can determine which system will best suit your current and future needs.

Content Management Systems are advanced programmes that require a durable database structure to be reliable and secure. The database allows users to keep vast amounts of data in accessible tables for quick use by the website and to use the same data multiple times. They are also suitable for eCommerce Shopping Websites

Content Management Systems for Websites

Some benefits of using a CMS system

✓  These systems make editing a website a live real time process. Your content is visible straight away.

✓  You control your site and don’t necessarily need a web designer to edit your content. Easy design controls

✓  Cost effective as there is no need for paying a web developer to change your content. You can do this yourself.

✓  Easy content control makes it more likely that you will continue to add content to your site. This will benefit your clients and Google search engine results.

✓  SEO optimisation with individual content meta data input and friendly URLs.

✓  You can give roll based permissions to other users to submit and edit content.

✓  Your content is separate from the web design and structure of your site. This means that you will not break how the website look, feels or works by editing content.

✓  You can schedule your content to display when you want by setting publishing dates.

✓  Access you site from anywhere, any time. As long as you have internet access you can control your content and your site.

✓  Security – Password controls and encryption make access to you site a secure process.

✓  There are a variety of third party applications that can be added to the system to create specific tools for your website

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