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Siteshack designs websites for all types and size of business. Specialising in North Sydney and the Northern Beaches suburbs we offer a service tailored to your individual business requirements creating a foundation for maximum visibility in Google Search pages. Our sites come with the required optimised technical SEO features to kick start your Google listings. We also offer packages on ongoing SEO strategy to improve your business exposure.

We specialise in WordPress Joomla and Magento content management system website platforms. These enable client content editing 24/7 from any browser with internet connection.

What Type of Website Do I Need?

The first important question you need to ask yourself is what type of website do I need. Do you need an online store? Do you just need something that clients can look at for information? Do you require your website to compete in Google Search pages to generate leads or sales? At Siteshack we like to discuss these and other priorities to form the basis of the website framework you need now and into the future. Your business roadmap is something we like to discuss to gauge the features we need to implement and make your new website easily scalable and cost-effective for future growth. You really do not want to spend money on a website today that you will outgrow quickly and have to start again!

Budget Websites

Budget websites are great for startups or websites that only need a few pages for informational details only. Your business may simply need a website that you refer to clients so they know you are a bonafide company. It doesn’t need to compete in Google search pages as you have an offsite source of work that is enough - you just simply want an internet presence. You might want a personal website and blog, a wedding website that develops into a family website! The budget website allows you to start small and build as you go. Siteshack Budget Website do not compromise on the design. They just do not include all the other features that a more advanced and complex website needs.

Small Business Websites

Small Business websites require additional SEO strategy and website features in order to promote your business on Google and other search engines. If you want your website to generate leads and sales you will need to have optimised, high-quality content to attract and convert visitors. You will need more content than a budget site and you will need to add content regularly to keep progressing up the search page listings. This content needs to be informative and relevant to your business strategy. At Siteshack we work closely with you to generate a strategy and create the content to create the site traffic you need and to make your site valued enough so that other sites create links to your pages. These links are a recognition of the value of your information and Google uses these as a part of its ranking assessment process. A small business site may require additional features like advanced forms, maps, security, SSL certification, Google Analytics, Social Media and more. 

Business Websites

Larger businesses require a higher level of SEO strategy, content and features to reach the visitors they need. Features like: conditional contact forms, custom fields, membership plans and subscriptions, customised plugins, shopping carts, high security, event and appointment bookings, online ticketing, support desk, live chat and more, are all possible with our Business Websites.

Larger businesses may also require AdWords and other PPC campaigns as well as greater social media engagement. Siteshack can help run these campaigns and create high conversion landing pages to maximise your CTR and conversion rates.  


eCommerce Websites

If you need to sell products online then our eCommerce solutions are the way forward. We specialise in WooCommerce and Magento sites. These platforms are the leading shopping cart solutions. They provide the most extensive options and plugins so that your cart has all the latest features. payment gateways, special offer options, shipping arrangements and search filters and more to attract sales from your customers. These platforms are also optimised for SEO so creating products is easy automatically adopting best practice SEO product pages.

You can also use these platforms for creating catalogue sites. These are sites that display all your products and all the search filter capabilities but do not have a payment system included. Get in touch with us to discuss the best solution for your online shopping website.



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