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All types of websites from Siteshack provide custom built web solutions using either WordPress, Joomla and other Content Management Systems (CMS) for small and medium-sized businesses. Each website design is tailored to your business requirements with website responsive design options and includes some basic applications as standard inclusions.

Applications that are required outside of our packages are available as part of a fully customised website.


Types Of Websites-Siteshack


Standard Website Design WebSTART” – A small site for those that merely need a “presence” on the internet and are not really interested in Google rankings.

Small Business Website Design WebLITE” – For small businesses with multiple services that require a site that will rank in search engines for lead generation.

Fully Customised Website Design WebBIZ” – Totally customised websites with advanced applications and database connections. For medium-sized business that need more complex solutions like specific applications and complex conditional logic form.

E-Commerce Website Design WebSHOP –  Online shopping website to sell products and services and includes a shopping cart and payment integration. We create the site with tools that let you control your products display, pricing, discounts, available in stock numbers, payment type and more.


What are Content Management Systems?

Content Management Systems (CMS) are database structured programmes that allow users to edit and create website content without having to write any code. The traditional reliance on expensive web developers having to perform all updates to your website is diminished. You can control and maintain the website using a secure internet browser interface.

These CMS sites also allow, multiple users with definable permissions providing a flexible control structure to the website. For example, you might have administrator users that are allowed to create, edit and manage content while standard users are only allowed to view the site.

With CMS systems you have complete access to your content and site management. You can be as involved in your website as you like. With our management packages any roles and tasks you do not want to perform yourself we can provide a tailored cost-effective management service for you.


Access to your site any time, anywhere.

A CMS system also means that you have 24/7 access to your site to create and edit content from anywhere.

You can edit and control your site in the car, at the airport, in a café, from home or from the office. As long as you have an internet connection you can be connected to the controls of your website any time of day, any day of the year, from anywhere in the world. 


Our WebStart Websites are a perfect startup for small businesses that require a straightforward web presence. They are easy to manage, easy to create and edit content and can display images, videos, and tables for informational display.

We provide a cost-effective solution that can grow with your business and future requirements. Our consultation process will determine if your current business and future plans are suitable for our Standard WebStart Package.

The package starts at $600 and will provide you with a customised homepage design with a drop-down menu structure, a Contact Us email form, up to 5 designed pages, multiple users capability with various permission levels, membership registration, spam protection, possible Newsletter integration, CMS structure.

The CMS structure means that you can control your website through an internet browser from anywhere and at any time. No costly web developer charges for doing urgent updates – you can easily control your website from a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Key Features:

Responsive Website Design – Makes your website easily visible on any device and any resolution size. From large screens to mobile phones the design will resize automatically giving your viewers an easy viewing experience

Custom Designs – Our designs are customised after consultation with you and your business requirements. They reflect your needs and your branding.

CMS –  Content Management System structure for self-management. You can create and edit your own site from anywhere at your own convenience at no cost.

Australian Hosting – We host our websites on Australian Servers providing fast efficient website speed to your Australian customers.

Unlimited Pages – Your website is not limited to the number of pages you can create.

Contact Us email submission form – We will provide you with the tools to create your own Contact Us form

Expandable – Your website can grow with your business and you can add applications as you go. Our consultation will access which CMS system will best suit your projected expansion prospects.


With WebShop you can have a 24/7 online store with a shopping cart and payment integration. There are various solutions available that can be customised to your exact requirements and the number of products you envisage selling online.

Features can include

  • PayPal and credit card integration for automated 24/7 customer store access
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product zoom imaging or lightbox
  • Coupon Discounts, Quantity Discounts
  • Customer membership options
  • Comments
  • Shipping and Tax Options
  • 24/7 management control access.
  • and more…

WebShop pricing is dependent on many factors and needs a consultative process to assess your business needs. Like our WebStart websites they are built around a Content Management System that will enable 24/7 access to your stores controls.


Our WebBiz Business Directory solutions are perfect for schools, clubs, institutions that want a directory for their community members. They create a business network that can provide business opportunities inside the community. They can also provide a revenue stream for the institution. They come with advanced flexible membership subscription plans and advanced user controls.

  • CMS based on full control 24/7.
  • Advanced Membership and Subscription controls
  • Subscription plan options
  • Unlimited business categories
  • Advanced Search
  • and more

We have options to minimise any start-up costs with our management and design being paid for with a percentage package. We manage the whole project for you and deal with all membership issues, listings, hosting, support and management. These sites can be separate from your existing sites or integrated as subdomains.


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