Improve your search list position with our SEO plans.

We have separate plans for Onsite and Offsite SEO and a Complete plan which provides a combined service. This allows you to choose how much SEO you wish to self manage. Additional services are available on request. We implement a minimum 6 month term for our plans to effectively assess the progress the SEO strategy is making. Any thing shorter and in reality you can not evaluate any effects. SEO is a ongoing evolving process and we will be working with you closely, during the plan period, to maximise your listing potential. For the best results we do need your input and collaboration.


Onsite SEO Services  –  6 Month Plan

Robots - Create the right parameters that determine what content the search engines will follow.

Sitemap - Create an xml sitemap for page listing to search engines. This is good practice although not essential for rankings.

URL Canonicalisation and SEF URLs - Creating the easy read URL structure and directs.

Keyword consultation and targeting – We discuss with you a selection of Keyword targets.

Content Keyword analysis - Verify that your existing and new articles are optimised for your keywords and consult on content revision.

Optimising Page Titles, Headings, Links, Images and Menus – These are created around your keywords and page content.

Set up Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools – For evaluating keywords, site visits, search queries and site health and errors…..

Regular site analysis and checks – Verification of site health and optimising strategies.

Up to 5 keywords $125 per month. 
Up to 10 keywords $205 per month.


Offsite SEO Services  –  6 Month Plan

Backlink assessment - We assess your business’s backlink potential and analyse your competitors backlinks to create a ongoing strategy for creating backlinks to your site.

Content submissions - We submit content to sites that can create backlinks to your site.

Directory Submissions - We submit your site to relevant directories.

Authority Site Assesment - We research the authority sites for your business that will be valuable as a backlink source.

Social Media Assessment - We advise on Social Media Integration.

Up to 5 keywords $175 per month.
Up to 10 keywords $295 per month.


Complete Plan

We offer a service with Onsite and Offsite plans combined with 15% reduction on the total price

Up to 5 keywords $255 per month.
Up to 10 keywords $425 per month.


Additional SEO Services

Additional SEO Services are available on request and these might include.

  • Additional Blog sites.
  • Social Media Page Design and set up (e.g. Facebook, Twitter).
  • Copy Writing of content.

Our New Year Discounts are available through January or until further notice for new customers. Existing clients can also take advantage of these discounts at any time.

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