Getting Started Website Guide

At Siteshack we tend to look at web design in an objective client based way. People have completely different requirements and expectations of a website –
I want it just for clients to look at
I desperately need a website to get me more business
I need a website to sell my products online as I don’t have a retail outlet
Each of these requires a completely different type of website with different amounts of work (and ongoing work) by everyone involved including you the client.

We decided to make it a bit easier for you by asking you some questions here and now. This will take you to the information you need more easily. You won’t get bogged down in reading stuff that really is not at all relevant to you.

Before you start

Try and think why you actually want a website. It’s a funny question I know but its a brain clearer. The other thing is to try and think about your future.
Will you ever sell products online?

The more clarity you have about moving forward the better choices you will make at the start of the process

Also what do you want people to do once they have interacted with the website. This can have an impact on your time and workflow.
call you?
email you?
complete a contact form?

If you are always busy during the day calling you will probably be annoying.

We love to chat about things like this because we can build in your future plans. This has potential savings to you as we can build a site that it is not going to cost you majorly to add features down the line. The more you can think about might result in significant potential savings.

Lastly read all the options before you make a selection

The Getting started Website Guide

What type of website do you need?

If you answer yes or sort of yes to any of these hit the Budget Website button

  • Do you get most of your work from word of mouth and that is enough?
  • You need a website just to have a presence on the internet and showcase to your clients.
  • I don’t need to be #1 in the google lists. I don’t need any online advertising.
  • Simply, you want a nice information website so that people can see you are a legitimate business.

If you answer yes or sort of yes to any of these hit the Small Business Websites button

  • I need a website to generate work. I am not skilled in marketing and my business is very hands on.
  • My business is fairly competitive so I need to rank well on Google.
  • I am booked up for a while but I need leads to keep coming in to secure future work.
  • I’m thinking of expanding in the near future and employing a couple of people to help but I need more work.

If you answer yes or sort of yes to any of these hit the Business Website button

  • I have a growing company with a marketing budget for advertising.
  • Our website needs updating. It is just not bringing enough traffic anymore.
  • I know about the internet and google and want a mix of organic SEO and PPC AdWords marketing.
  • I have a list of keywords phrases we have been using but things have changed a bit and we do more things now.

If you answer yes or sort of yes to any of these hit the eCommerce Website button

  • We don’t have a shop and we want to sell our products over the internet in Australia.
  • We are an events company and want to sell tickets online.
  • We need a membership website with online payments.
  • We are a charity and want to take donations online

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