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What Is A Website Builder?

Traditional websites are built with special codes - html, css and javascript as examples. This made building a website more or less the exclusive job of a website designer. Today, things have become simpler with the introduction of applications that make it possible to create a website without any knowledge of these codes. Intuitively and using inbuilt tools, you can now build your own website. The code is still required but the website builder application creates all the code for you in the bcakground. How easy is that!

Awesome Divi - The Ultimate Builder

We give you the Divi Builder free for the life of your website when you host with us. The Divi Builder is suitable for beginners and professionals. You can quickly and easily create a new website from scratch or use over 70 free professional template designs. We have pre-built designs for businesses that include Electrician, Elementary School, Florist, Doctor’s Surgery, Restaurant, Recipes, Real Estate, Lawyer, Cleaning Company and many many more. The power of Divi is such that as you grow your knowledge the power of Divi grows with you.

What Can Divi Do?

Making Websites Easy


Click and Type

You can edit your text right on the page or from the settings box. Each text module has individual design settings for total design freedom. You can easily make different words different fonts, different colours and more. Complete design to your content style.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop rows and columns and modules. Easily see what looks better in your page. Don’t like it just drag it back. Reorder text, swap images to the other side of the page with simple drag and drop. Simple, easy and saves so much time and effort!

How about this!!!

On-page control of your images

Easy to transform images on the page for true design freedom. Divi lets you spend time making things look great rather than writing and rewriting the code all the time just to see how things look. You will just love this!

You can move the images freely about your page.

Rescale or resize your images for total design freedom.

Flip. skew, rotate, stack your images live. You would need an offline photo editor to do these type of image transformations and then upload them to test them out. Any edits you would then like and you would have to do the whole process again. Not with Divi it brings these transformations live to the page. How cool is that!

Freestyle drag and drop


Unlimited Undos

Drag row and section resizing

Colour Picker

And so much more…

  • Advanced CSS controls - Globally, by Page/Post, Section, Row, Module.
  • Advanced Visibility controls for Desktop, Tablet, Phone. Control what you want seen by device.
  • Inbuilt Divi Library for saving your Layouts, Section, Row, Module designs and importing DIVI designs.
  • Copy Section, Row, Module design style and paste to others even on a different page.
  • Image filter controls for Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast…….
  • Inbuilt Role Editor - Control who does what!
  • Frontend and Backend Editing.
  • WYSIWYG Edit preview modes for Desktop, Tablet, Phone, Wireframe.
  • Inbuilt DIVI support center - Video Tutorials, Plugin Safe Mode, System Status.
  • Control text H tag styles in individual text modules.
  • Add image background to any module.
  • Sizing, Spacing, Borders, Box shadow and more…..

The Divi Modules

The Divi modules add functionality to your site. All easy to load into your page and edit with a common interface. Simple and advanced controls for all levels of website knowledge.

Responsive for all devices

Out of the box Divi is Responsive. That means your new site will display beautifully on any device - desktop, tablet, phone. You can be confident that your site will look great anywhere. You can also review your pages as if they were on a tablet or a phone.


Video, Phone, Email support for your website - no problem.


We have a support system that provides solutions, fixes, design and general support. If you have a problem you can request a custom support video on how to solve it. If you want us to solve it for you we can do that too. Not all cases will result in a charge. However any charges for services required will be fully quoted, from the information you provide in the support ticket, before you commit to the service. 

We also offer customisation and design services. If you want help to design a page or any number of pages we can do that. If you want to add some functionality like a booking system or help setting up a shopping cart site then we can help you all the way. We will help you with exactly what you want to do.

Cost of support will be charged according to the service(s) provided. We will quote you before we undertake the work.

The DIY Plans

* We conduct a fair usage policy re bandwidth usage. We will not automatically cap the advertised bandwidth limits but monitor your usage and as long as it is deemed a normal website usage then it will be deemed fair usage. If your usage is deemed unnatural then we will advise you of this and discuss your usage to limit excessive resource usage. Please do not be concerned in almost every case our clients fall well within the limits and fair usage parameters.

You can cancel at any time - No fuss. 

You do not pay a thing till we have setup your hosting and you access your divi website!


How it Works

Once you have signed up to a package we will build your new site and let you know the minute its ready to go.

You can also pre-select a layout that you want. We will then pre-install this layout so you are ready to go straightaway. You can also choose layouts from your admin panel at any time and there are no limits.

We won’t take any money or credit card details from you till your site is set up. Once your site is set up we will then send you an online link to make your payment. You will then have 48 hours to pay the invoice. We hope you find this fair as we do not want people to be able to abuse the system.

You can cancel at any time by giving at least 14 days notice. The balance due to you will be calculated on the basis that the months used, or parts of, will be charged at the standard monthly rate with no discounts and deducted from the full amount that you initially paid for the year plan.


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